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Thrustmaster TX & TMX Magnetic Paddle Shift

Thrustmaster TX & TMX Magnetic Paddle Shift


Transform your Thrustmaster TX & TMX paddles with this mod.


Remove the sloppy arcade feel of the paddles and give them the magnetic clunk making gear shifts a lot more realistic. When placing an order you will receive a pair of magnetic shifters for £15 which is what you will need to do 1 wheel.


Very simple and easy to install. Clean the surface on your wheel before application for the best results. Peel back the red backing and stick down making sure the magnets are touching the paddles. Make sure the paddles are all the back when applying the mod so that the magnets don’t push the paddle to on.


Condition is new, 3D printed from PLA and Neodymium magnets used.


Any issues please contact us and we will resolve immediately, we would be grateful if you could review this product. Image is for illustration purposes.

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