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The SRM-320RX Wheel is a high quality steering wheel that can be attached to all wheel bases. Featuring high grade magnetic paddle shifters that have been tested to 900,000 gear changes.


The wheel is built from a Motamec 320mm wheel rim finished in premium suede. It is the ideal wheel for rallying, drifting and GT/touring cars.


Connecting the SRM-320RX to your PC is as simple as plugging in a USB and the paddles and buttons will work without any setup required. The wheel features electronic components supplied by Leo Bodnar. Featuring a 70mm bolt pattern allowing attachment to any wheel base.


The SRM-320RX is built to order, parts of the wheel can be spec built to your requirements, such as button colour, stickers and button labels.


Since the SRM-320RX is built to order, there is on average a 2 week build time. However, the 2 weeks should be seen as a maximum, where we aim to send your order out within 5 working days.



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