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Logitech Sequential Shifter Instructions

Step 1

First of all you need to remove your current gear shifter knob and also the leather gator. Keep all of the parts you remove in case you would like to put these back on your shifter.

Step 2

You now need to fit the H-pattern mod onto your gear shifter. Please use the screws supplied in your order. Use 2 of the 4 short screws and insert these in the middle holes of the H-pattern mod. Now you need to fit the sequential mod on top of the H-pattern mod, place over the gear shifter shaft and onto the H-pattern mod. Use the remaining 2 short screws at the top of the sequential mod and the 2 long screws at the bottom. 

Step 3

Now take the slider that has the wheels fitted either side and place this on the gear shifter shaft making sure the SRM logo is facing the front of the shifter and the correct way up. You can now also place the spring over the shifter shaft, make sure it seats onto the slider properly.

Step 4

The last step is to fit the gear knob, this is a tight fit on the shifter shaft, push this down all the way and make sure the spring locates in the bottom of the gear knob. Use the screw that held on the original shifter knob to secure the new knob down. 

Your sequential shifter is complete and ready to use! We hope you enjoy this mod, we appreciate any feedback you have!

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